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David's teaching philosophy is centered around: "Think it, feel it, sing it" - Walter Felsenstein

former Intendant Komische Oper Berlin


"Think it, feel it, understand it" - Harry Kupfer

former Intendant Komische Oper Berlin 


Teaching in excess of 36 years, David's practical vocal instruction has been informed by his own continuing performance and over 30 years experience working with, and observing the best singers and pedagogues in Europe and North America. He believes in developing the complete performer based on a secure technique and also characterised by the philosophy and methodology of Walter Felsenstein. Based on this approach, he endeavours to develop the musicality and technique that can be accessed simultaneously. David believes in inculcating a strong sense of discipline and commitment to the art form. 

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"It is a great honour to accept the first Doctorate of Music-Performance (DMus) ever awarded by Durham University for my research into the philosophy and methodology of Walter Felsenstein, an Austrian theater and opera director, and its application for singers."

                                                - David Wakeham

David is a sought adjudicator for vocal competitions and is regularly invited as guest professor to

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David is also sought after by other professional singers and teachers to assist them in professional development. Recognising that confidentiality may be required in these circumstances, following consultation with the singer, individual packages are designed to meet specific individual requirements.

An example of some topics include current pedagogical trends, addressing the impact of ageing on vocal technique.

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